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Bridge of the Doomed Review (2022)
"Bridge of the Doomed was a fast-paced and gory creature fest that left little to complain about. It delivered what it promised: a bloody good time. This film is about the bloody confrontations between the army and the zombies, and Su brings them to life in a very believable way. You can appreciate the work that went into making this film."
Bermuda Island Review (2023)
What sets Bermuda Island apart is the terrific tale, which spins more than an out-of-control crashing plane. The audience essentially gets three stories in one, and each time the viewer thinks they have the plot figured out, scribes Mahals and Robert Thompson send the script spiraling in a new direction. This is very refreshing in the ever-present day of horror films regurgitating slash, hack, repeat. Bermuda Island is a fun creature feature monster mash in the sand.

There are many varibles when reviewing a film to submit a review, along with numerous aspects of filmmaking that has to be taken into account. Below are some of the reviews we have recieved so far on our films that have been released.

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Bridge of the Doomed Review (2022)
"Bridge of the Doomed is a military zombie flick that gives its niche exactly what it expects for about twenty minutes, then becomes its own oddly-paced beast. We don’t get exposition until the second act and that, too, takes us out of our comfort zone. It’s filled with guns, blood, and testosterone."
Bridge of the Doomed Review (2022)
“Would have loved to have learnt more about the secondary monster and how it interacted with the zombies, it didn’t seem like they’d find it very edible though. I really enjoyed the fight scenes, both with weapons and without. Overall, an entertaining film with tense scenes that had me glued to the screen and splatter scenes that had me retreating with haste. A zombie movie with a fresh twist that I’d watch again.”
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Bermuda Island Review (2023)
"And things certainly do happen (and a lot of them too), but the best of the best of them feature a relative ass-ton of creepy creature action… action that ofttimes leads to gallons of grizzly gore (courtesy of some top-shelf practical effects) being splashed with wild abandon… and you can bet your arcane ass that those beasties are men-in-suit creations instead of dull CG.
That being said, this flick is no slouch in the action department either and said excitement ratchets up nicely, both due to that aforementioned monster mayhem and the inevitable squabbles between the island’s new residents!"
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